Marblelous vases  -  the exploration of re-using marble grit


Inspired by the design principles that nature employs to construct the skeleton of a radiolarian (one-celled organisms that have an extraordinary geometric skeleton) " Marblelous ", this project adopts the same technique of extracting raw material out of a liquid substance to build constructions with.


This concept is adopted to build a series of vases, with materials from industrial processes that we now consider to be waste.


Marble grit is a by-product of the marble quarrying industry that has very little worthwhile application in current time. This project explores what alternative role this material can play in contemporary design.


The Marblelous vases explore how the layering process of adding material through absorbing multiple layers of marble grit, can be used for both aesthetics, creating an attractive gradient of material, but also for a necessary function in the vase.


The bottom of the vase has received significantly more layers then the top, creating a reservoir for the water. The mesh allows the user to play with the placement of flowers. Larger stems can be put in the middle, smaller ones can be placed through the mesh.



Available in two sizes :

Small: D 8,5 x H 23 cm

Large: D 12  x H 32 cm



Marble grit

semi-gloss finish


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